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IMUA Planning Services

Through our years of working with non-profits, Kokua Communications has learned that strategic planning alone does not work.  Strategic plans often end up as a binder collecting dust in an office, and fail to provide the framework and tools to move an agency forward and measure its success.  This inspired us to develop our I.M.U.A. Planning Services.  The Hawaiian word “imua” means the act of moving forward in a proactive and positive way despite barriers that exist. We believe that a comprehensive understanding of one’s mission is the first step to improving an organization and moving it forward towards success.


Kokua Communications provides comprehensive IMUA planning services that help non-profits answer the following questions:


  1. What social challenge are we trying to address and why do we believe we can make a difference?

  2. What part of the problem should we work on and where will we focus our efforts?

  3. What actions are required and how will we measure success?

  4. What skills and resources to we need to achieve this success?


Our comprehensive strategy includes the following elements:


  • Business Plan:  The business plan defines your organization, what you offer, who your competition is, your organizational chart, shows where additional personnel is needed, and gives an overview of your finances.

    • If needed, Kokua Communications will provide a messaging training to fine-tune your mission and vision.


  • Strategic Plan:  A strategic planning process identifies strategies so that a nonprofit will achieve its mission in the long-term, about 3-5 years.  The plan focuses on measurable goals and sets in place activities for implementation.

    • The strategic plan includes fundraising/grant writing goals, and usually starts with a 1-2 day session for staff and board facilitated by Kokua Communications.

    • If needed, Kokua Communications will conduct a messaging workshop to assist with agency marketing.


  • Operational Plan:  The operational plan defines how the strategic plan will be put into operation during an organization’s upcoming fiscal year. 


  • Metric Tracking System:  Your agency dashboard will track metrics and set a review process in place to measure your success in meeting goals and achieving your mission.


A non-profit may have some of these elements in place that just need to be reviewed, or may need to start from scratch in certain areas.  Kokua Communications will ensure all of these elements are integrated and work together to provide a solid framework for your agency’s work so you can imua, move forward, and succeed. 

For more information and a price quote, please email or call 808-383-0163.

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